And then there were two…

The introduction about the band and the music below is a bit outdated now – so time for an update. However, we would like to keep it in, to make sure that everybody can follow and understand our history and the situation we were and we are in now:

In the ever-evolving world of music, change is both inevitable and inspiring. Our band embarked on an unexpected journey when Bert (Bass & Guitars) decided to relocate to a different city. Rather than letting this challenge discourage us, we embraced the opportunity to rearrange our sounds, our direction, and our very essence, now as a musical duo.

Today, we are excited to introduce you to a kind of transformed soul of our band, where keyboard and vocals take center stage, as we continue to share our passion for music with the world. While our lineup may have been trimmed, our commitment to creating captivating melodies and meaningful lyrics remain the same.

As we venture forward, we’re not only dedicated to keeping some of our original songs that resonate with the depths of our hearts, but also adding a new dimension to our repertoire. Covers of some of our favorite songs have found their way into our setlist, weaving a tapestry of both the familiar and the fresh.

Join us on this exciting new chapter of our musical odyssey, where the power of two has never felt more potent. We invite you to explore the depths of our melodies, the sincerity of our lyrics, and the passion that fuels our journey. Together, as a duo with Stefan and John, we are more determined than ever to share the gift of music with you, and we can’t wait to see where this path leads.

However, we’ve agreed to play again with the complete band, whenever we have the opportunity to do so. So just watch this space from time to time or subscribe to our newsletter.

Welcome to the next chapter of our musical story, where the keyboard becomes our canvas, and the power of two becomes our strength.

The Band

For many years, the saxophonist/pianist Stefan and guitarist/bassist Bert had been playing and appearing together in a number of different bands until early in 2016 when they asked their friend and singer/lyricist John to form a band, calling themselves „The Smilestones“, looking to realise a mutual objective to write, record and perform their own songs.

At the beginning of 2019 Sandra has joined the band as our new drummer and backup vocalist. American-born, she brings her own style of rhythm and groove to our sound.

The Music

Songs that combine John’s unique voice singing in his English mother tongue with guitars, bass, piano, saxophone and drums to produce music that is both uncomplicated and emotional at the same time. Sometimes unplugged, other times melancholic but always with feeling and an ear for the melody and groove.

Taking their inspiration from personal experiences and the world around us today, the diverse material ranges from upbeat, foot-tapping grooves through to emotive ballads, and the topics addressed span from modern life’s ironies through to the band’s personal stories from the past. For example the debut demo album “Reflections” covers amongst other themes refugees, lost opportunities, past relationships, family bereavements and global corporations.

Currently the band members are working on their second demo album „Meant to be“ and as with “Reflections”, topics as wide ranging as fate, global leadership and unhealthy infatuations will be used to inspire the band to produce music that is both for the heart (great to listen to) to as well as for the brain (conveying a message to think about)…

Producers, let us know in case you are interested to commonly work together on a final arrangement and recording of The Smilestones‘ songs. Click here to get in touch with us…